Welcome to Get With Gutenberg, a blog about developing blocks for Gutenberg!

I want to help you learn how to build blocks. I will dive into numerous topics around the development of blocks from the inner workings of Gutenberg, getting started with your first block, building blocks with or without a build process, and more.

In mid-2018 I had decided to learn JavaScript deeply and really force it by committing to freelance projects to assist in my endeavor. Through this process I’ve refreshed my knowledge on JavaScript and ECMAScript as well as learning React, Redux, and Gutenberg. Through this process I’ve learned how Gutenberg works behind the scenes and understood why things are built a certain way. I’ve brought a bunch of sorta brilliant ideas from a friend to life and in doing so refined my approach and opinions around block development.

I believe in sharing what I’ve learned and experienced. My hope is that doing so helps bring your block development to the next level.

Who am I?

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My name is JR Tashjian and I am a full stack web developer from New York, USA. I’ve been developing with WordPress for over 11 years building sites for clients and publishers as well as products during my time at Automattic, creator’s of and many other products focused on WordPress.